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The Complete Portable Workstation
Tecadec integrates a desk replacement, adjustable monitor, laptop mounts and robust travel case creating a
compact and ergonomically effective professional workstation which can be Set Up or Packed Down in minutes


Tecadec Origins
The need for a serious working multi-screen working rig became clear to Peter Bond, the owner of a company called BritishBins Ltd , as he often found himself in client and vendor facilities needing to do engineering design and business analysis. BritishBins Ltd is owned by Peter, who is an entrepreneurial engineer.


For more than 20 years, BritishBins have been supplying first-rate waste and recycling equipment to a wide range of public and private sector organisations. In many cases this involved re-engineering existing products or creating new products to solve particular issues.

Originally the majority of locations where Tecadec functionality would be invaluable were client sites or field locations. The pandemic mandate to work from home if you can; made the home set up much more relevant and even in the post pandemic period, hybrid working from home is much more widespread.

Tecadec Organisation
Tecadec is a trading name of CreateQ Ltd which is also owned by Peter Bond. CreateQ Ltd was also set up twenty years ago and is the sister company to BritishBins which is focused on business that is not directly related to the environmental and waste management industries. In particular, CreateQ is responsible for developing new products, like Tecadec and bringing them to market.

For example, another new CreateQ product is DoorCloor which is a sophisticated foot opening door handle, which means that customers and staff do not have to share communal door handles: DoorCloor

Tecadec Intellectual Property
Tecadec is protected by comprehensive patents and design rights. Each Tecadec unit has its own unique serial number.

It would be difficult to replicate the functionality of Tecadec without infringing this intellectual Property. Based on this intellectual property, several innovative variants of Tecadec are under development.

Tecadec may consider licensing its IP in certain circumstances.




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