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PEAN Sweden is the personal company that is happy to discuss improvements to your vehicle based on your needs, budget and wishes.
With our own interest in different vehicles, we have tested the limits in different motorsports both nationally and internationally. Now we want to share our experiences. There are many factors that come into play when you have thoughts about braking systems and road maintenance products. Choosing between five different types of brake discs and eight different friction materials is a major concern for most people. What do friends and colleagues say, what does it say in online forums? Not easy, but you do not have to do the research yourself. See us as a resource that with both knowledge and commitment guides you to the right choice.

We do not believe that a solution suits everyone. Therefore, we ask a lot of questions, so that you as a customer will ultimately be satisfied. Instead of having to buy several different things and try them out, we want you to find the right one right away. Which is also one of the reasons why we do not have an online shop. Our experience says that the cheap usually gets more expensive in the long run, but we have all the price options for you who are looking for something better than the original. We call it our Step 1, 2 and 3 products. All our recommendations are based on maximizing performance at a low total cost (we are from Småland), which we have done for thousands of customers since the start in 2002. And our long-term thinking is appreciated to our delight by many.

5th September 2016, we, Markus and Mattias Nordenström, took over the business from Per Stacke and moved it to Gnosjö. We have been customers of Per since the beginning and regardless of car and competition class, we have always used products from PEAN, so now it is our turn to try to help others to success. Thanks to our solid racing experience, we believe we can add another dimension to PEAN, including when it comes to shock absorber setting of various cars.


Mattias & Markus Nordenström

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