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Been there, done that, got the T shirt…. now I got the Tents

I have been CAMPING and attending FESTIVALS for 15 years with FRIENDS and FAMILY, i LOVE it!!

I’ve had the 2 man POP UP tent that don’t go back in the bag, I’ve shared NYLON TENTS with FRIENDS that have TORN in the night and LEAKED, Ive spent the HOURS working out which pole goes where and I’ve slept on floors SHIVERING so i've LEARNED how NOT to do it!!

It all CHANGED when I bought my first CANVAS BELL TENT, my PROBLEMS were solved, I NEVER looked back, the PERFECT tents if you’re willing to take CARE of THEM. I lent my tents to friends but LEARNED fast that its a BAD idea as they come back FILTHY, WET and BROKEN as they WASN'T erected or taken down correctly. That’s when the idea came to me, if I erected and took them down myself then everyone would be HAPPY….. and so it BEGAN…… UNDER THE CANVAS


Love ..  BEN !

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